BearCat.Studio - Pixel Cats

Pixel Cats is a collection of 4,444 unique images, computer generated using over 250 traits.  Each cat is listed for sale on Opensea created on the Polygon blockchain.

Pixel Cats launch price is 0.08 Eth, exclusively on Opensea.

ABS & BearCat.Studio Pixel Cats Collaboration.

Assassin Bear Squad (ABS) and BearCat.Studio have finalised a collaboration deal between ABS NFT launch and BearCat.Studio Pixel Cats NFT.

From the 29th of December until 6th of January buyers of an Assassin Bear Squad NFT at the mint price of 0.03 Eth will receive a Pixel Cat NFT worth 0.08 Eth for free.

This is a buy one NFT and get one NFT free promotion, if you buy multiple Assassin Bear Squad NFT’s you will get the same number of Pixel Cats NFT’s for free.


Buy 1 ABS NFT you get 1 Pixel Cat NFT Free.
Buy 2 ABS NFT you get 2 Pixel Cat NFT Free.
Buy 3 ABS NFT you get 3 Pixel Cat NFT Free.

The collaboration deal is for ABS NFT mint from the 29th of December to the 6th of January.

Pixel Cats Features

Traits equals variety  

Variations, variations and even more variations 250 traits allows for a very unique personalty for each Pixel Cats.

Yours Forever

Owners of each Pixel Cats possess commercial usage rights to their NFTs. You are free to use your artwork as you please.

Totally Unique

Every Pixel Cats possesses a unique combination of traits with varying rarities. no two will look the same.

Artist drawn

Most elements are sculpted and used as a base for the detailed artworks. 


Pixel Cats will be sold at a flat price, of 0.08 ETH


All Pixel Cats will be launched on Opensea a safe an open marketplace for NFT transfers.

Pixel Cats Metadata PDF

This file contains the Metadata for each of the Pixel Cats.

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